The Aspiring Flutist Practice Books


The Aspiring Flutist's Sound & Scale Book

Play along with the following MP3s!

If your MP3 skips the first two seconds, just listen for the one-bar cadence in measure 2 and begin playing in the next measure.

(You can also look at the piano part in the book to see your entrance.)

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From Carolyn Nussbaum Music Co.


PART ONE A multi-chapter resource on developing your personal artistry. This includes practice techniques and routine-building, performance readiness and preparation, taking various aspects of your playing to the next level - and, perhaps most importantly, identifying your own weaknesses and developing specific solutions for them, whether you're focusing on practice issues or on overarching musical and musicianship concepts.

PART TWO One hundred engaging, useful practice games on learning new music, refining musicality, building muscle memory - all that good stuff.

PART THREE Hugely thorough etudes and warm-ups with new takes on learning and teaching a huge variety of techniques, composed by Sanchez, that are designed to supplement (and, in some cases, replace) Taffanel and Gaubert. 

Truly, the Practice Companion is something you'll just keep on your stand. It's that useful.