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Enneagram for Musicians

How can the Enneagram help musicians?

Learning more about yourself and gaining insight into how others view the world can help you in lessons, rehearsals, performances, practice sessions and so much more! 

Music students (or teachers!), use the form below to ask me any questions you may have about using the Enneagram as a musician.

P.S. I'll soon be an Enneagram Certified Professional and 
available for Sunday morning coaching sessions!


What is the Enneagram?

On the surface, the Enneagram may just seem like a simple, pop psychology personality typing system, but it's actually much deeper than that. By identifying your Ennea-type, your wing, your primary instinct and your levels of health on different subjects, you can increase personal awareness and make decisions that help you release musician stress and move forward on your path of musician growth! 

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